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Wobbly darts

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My darts wobble through the air when I throw. Is this caused by the darts or my throw?

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Posted by: @airwolf77

. Is this caused by the darts or my throw?

YES!   It could be caused by your darts or by your throw. I had a 'Yip' in my throw. An up-and-down motion during the flight. It went away when I held the dart by the back of the shaft by the flight. (I use medium shafts on a slightly front-loaded 21-gram dart.) Holding it back there seemed a bit weird. I went to a shorter shaft and I now hold the dart at its base. Problem solved. 

So, what is the solution?  You're going to need to play around with it. How many fingers are on the dart at your release point? Are you pushing the back of the dart in a direction different than the front? Are you pulling the front? Is your release smooth or jerky? Are you moving your head during your throw? 

First, consider the basics. Stance: Weight on the front foot. Back foot for balance. No kick during your stroke. Set your stance first. Do not move. point your shoulder and elbow, at the board. Palm facing the board, the inside of the arm facing the ceiling. Set your starting position. Cock your wrist into position. (I like to keep the dart tip in line with the center of my palm and forearm. Just the way I do it.) Drawback to an anchor point as you aim. (I draw back to just under my right eye. The flight touches my skin.) Accelerate forward. Release the dart by the time your forearm is in the 90-degree position. Follow through. Stay loose and let your arm naturally reach out with your wrist breaking. (However, you do it...   If you think your mechanics are good and you still seem to have a wobbly dart, you might try shortening or lengthening your shafts. You might want to try a different shaped dart. At your next blind draw, ask a few players if you can try their setups. Also, someone is bound to have shorter or longer shafts that you can try. 

Good luck to you. Fixing these little tweaks is never easy. The better you get, the more you demand from your game. The more you demand, the more you try to find little tweaks to improve your game. It could be foot position, head position, a shift in finger position, a new flight, a new flight texture or thickness, and it all may be psychological. When you find your solution, log in and let us know.   

Summary:  If you think your basics are good look at the equipment. Without good basics, no change in equipment will do much good. 

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