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Do heavy darts make you tired after long play?

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I'm only recently learning how to play darts, I have played before but just throwing at the board with no real thought about how to get better. I have owned many sets of darts, and have tried all different weights.

I don't know what weight to use right now. I like the heavier darts but my aim gets worse the longer I play. I think it may be fatigue (even though I don't actually feel any.)

Is that actually a thing? Should I just keep pushing on with the darts the feel right and the issue will get better over time?

Anyone else experience such a thing?

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Yes, playing with heavy darts over a long period can lead to fatigue. The weight of the darts can strain your arm muscles, particularly if you're repeatedly throwing darts with force. This fatigue may affect your accuracy and overall performance as you continue to play. It's essential to find a dart weight that feels comfortable for you to minimize fatigue and maintain consistency throughout your game.

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I will disagree with Tahmid. It's what you get used to. Phil Taylor started with 22 grams and was throwing 26 later in his life.  We are not talking Olympic weights here.  Your body will adjust to the dart you choose. (Now, with that said. I would not shoot with anything over 26 grams.) There have been dart pros who have used heavier darts. Darts can weigh between 12 and 50 grams.  It is commonly thought that a heavier dart will tire the arm. This obviously is not true for players who commonly use heavier darts. There may be a 'comfort curve,' but your body and stroke should adjust.  


Finally, if you opt to throw a heavier dart, making a transition between soft-tip, which requires a lighter dart, and steel-tip, could be difficult. Adjusting to the difference in weight might be a problem. Most players use darts that weigh between 22 and 26 grams. I think you are fairly safe selecting a set you enjoy throwing within that range. 

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