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Consistency in throwing mechanics?

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I've played the game off and on (More off than on) since I was 13.  That's 30 years if I'm being honest.  In the past few years I have swapped darts probably close to 20 times and the one thing I find is that I can throw just about any shape or weight relatively the same.  According to DartConnect, I have about a 39-42 3da in 501 and about a 2.0mpr in Cricket.  The one thing I find I am CONSTANTLY struggling with is my rhythm / arm placement / proximity to my face.  More or less everything to do with my throw that happens before the point of release.  I tend to come to "set" differently, arm speed varies, how far I draw back varies.  I guess I am asking if anyone has any tips on a more repeatable throw?  Thanks in advance!  

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It's going to take some work, but make a mental checklist and go through it every time you throw. Starting with stance, bringing the arm up, aiming up, throwing, follow through.

If you make a list in your head and go through it each time, over time the steps will become instinctive and you will be more consistent.

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