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Do you play better at home?

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I've been doing well at home. But at league night, I can't hit anything. I had terrible trouble doubling out. Luckily it is teams. So I have a partner who has been picking up my slack.

Now I am looking for reasons that I can fix.

There are a lot of distractions outside of my quiet basement. But I think the really deal breaker is lack of booze. I do drink quite a bit when playing at home and nothing when I'm at the league. This has to account for something right? Maybe I am going to try to start practicing at home with out drinks. I can't think of anything else that would be throwing me off so much.

Anyone else play better at home than on the road?

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I think most people probably play better at home. Playing at home is also a lot less pressure, and probably less distractions. There is a big difference between practice and competition. How big is the league? Do you get anxious or nervous?

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